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How to Drive Followers to Facebook

Posted on: May 2, 2011

Twitter v. Facebook, Round 1.

Today, I stumbled upon this article, one of may highlighting the Facebook “like” as a show of support for a business. Countless others speak to the number of users on Facebook versus Twitter. (Here’s one diminishing the reach of the latter.)

It’s been my gut feeling that Twitter’s the easier “quick fix” marketing solution; I help clients expand their reaches by following relevant tweeters en masse, and most follow back because it’s a low-impact way to stay in touch with a brand. I use Twitter’s mico-blog style to share links and images, set a call to action for contests, etc, and have no trouble building a solid following. But Facebook is a little more tricky. For me, anyway, liking something on Facebook is 1)both more of a commitment and 2)often triggered by a friend or a sense of personal connection. I’ll explain:

I follow a network of people I actually know on Facebook– friends, coworkers, old contacts from school, etc. To “like” a brand, I need to really like it, or feel some kind of connection. I’ll typically like a coworker’s band, a family member’s business in an irrelevant part of the country for me, or a cause page a friend is passionate about. So, how do the brands I don’t love from experience or feel a call to action to like hook me? Here’s how they do it, and you can too.

Successful cross-platform marketers are sharing unique content on Facebook. Today’s post was triggered when one of my favorite brands to follow online, Seven for all Mankind Jeans (Twitter) shared that they’d posted new product shots to Facebook. Naturally, I took the plunge, made the commitment and checked it out. Sharing photo galleries, hosting a giveaway, making an anticipated announcement…mention it to your twitter fan base and actually post the content on Facebook. No brainer, right? Maybe not.  It’s a real, deliberate effort for me to remember to share certain things only on Facebook and to ask my Twitter followers to venture on over. Time will tell if their “likes” stick.


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