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just for fun: top internet April Fool’s gags

Posted on: April 2, 2011

It seems like only last year my Facebook friends were mysteriously single, pregnant, or engaged to their best gay friends…and about three “???” comments in, the collective realized it was April 1. As the day I was supposed to be born but wasn’t (ha!), I’ll keep a special place for April Fool’s Day. This year, the internet got pretty creative.

Getting sore sitting in that desk chair all day? Or just bored of regular email? Google Motion solved that problem. If the video’s still up, watch it here— a mere two days after launching the much-discussed +1, my eyes were deceived for a moment upon loading Google and seeing the notice for Google Motion, a tool integrating ergonomic and “sensible” physical motions into email use to make the whole experience more interactive, intuitive, and dare I say fitness oriented.

In my favorite trendy corner of the interwebs, a couple of daily deal vendors offered some unbeatable purchases…but if you were gullible enough to fall for ’em, you likely couldn’t find a buy button. Yelp, who releases semi-frequent (maybe biweekly or so) deals, integrated a banner for $425 to rent a new puppy each month from the puppy of the month club. As someone who has perused Flexpetz, which I do fear is real, I did click on through to read reviews of how one puppy ate a chick’s box of cocoa puffs, while another was lauded by a child-fearing boyfriend as “an awesome contraceptive.”

I also got a chuckle from The Level Up aka SCVNGR, who took advantage of this snow-covered opening day and offered $45 for a Fenway streaking package. In keeping with their premise to offer two better deals upon the purchase of the first, $90 gets you a pinch hitter pass ($180 value), and $180 gets you a Fenway Park ‘internship’ with Ben Affleck (priceless). Evidently, the final scene in The Town was merely a rehearsal for a real robbery that you too can be a part of if you buy today’s deal.

Nice job, April Fool’s 2011. The internet’s just full of ways to entertain yourself at work!Any other good chuckles out there on this April 1?


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