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Posted on: March 11, 2011

Thought I’d devote this post to a sort of long-form #FF to highlight a couple of freshly launched brands that we’re keeping our eyes on. Each parallels a start up I’m familiar with, so I’ll be curious to watch them grow.


First, for anyone looking to make a quick(?) buck, I stumbled upon Gigwalk in Craigslist’s marketing jobs section. Their application is exclusively for the iPhone and uses your location to offer up nearby “gigs,” which involve visiting local businesses, taking photos, and answering basic questions on hours of operation, wheelchair accessibility, etc. So far, I’ve only seen gigs that pay $5 for what is estimated to be about 20 minutes of work.

Sounds like: Yelp, anyone? Looks like they’re trying to build a network of local shops rich in general information. The job post also refers to “review[ing] local businesses” and implies greater payment may be offered for that kind of contribution.

Cool idea? Sure. But it seems one would need to patronize each establishment (or appear super sketchy!) to capture all information.

Suggestion? Push notifications to users when they’re close to or at specific spots that offer a gig. We tweeted this to them last week, and will accept royalties! (Just kidding.)


Level Up

Sweet! A product from super start up –I use this term referring to the major funding they’ve secured along with the support of Google– Scvngr that leverages the popularity of daily deals– with a fund raising component twist. The basic concept is this: buy a deal (a la Groupon, Buy with Me, CoupMe, KGB deals, you get it). Great. If you liked that spot(currently on offer are Boloco, Kickass Cupcakes, and the Middle East), you’ve just unlocked level 2, which is a more deeply discounted deal. Buy that, and you’re really rollin’ VIP and can buy yet an even better one.

With an iPhone app at launch(!), I’m stoked about the potential here. They’re currently in Boston and Philadelphia.

Sound like: Groupon? Sorta.  GoodTwo? Kinda. I like this fusion of the two models: The Level Up is robust, comes with an app, and has brand cred from parent company Scvngr. They’re less in your face about the fund raising aspect— it’s GoodTwo’s cornerstone, as they actually rely on those orgs to sell their deals— but it’s a nice tie-in.

The Level Up isn’t super clear about how the non-profit contribution piece works, but notes some portion of deal proceeds goes to the charity partner. Deals for Deeds maybe?

Suggestion: Will be interesting to follow these 3-tiered deals; I’m wondering how sustainable this model is and how far businesses will go with stellar deals. I see some kind of need for levels 2 and 3 to build on level 1 deals, rather than being unique vouchers.

Any other new launches worthy of a quick peek?




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