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Tweets with RO[n]I

Posted on: March 1, 2011

Lately, I’ve been championing twitter to my clients as the way to have your voice heard. Funny, when I read recently that a whopping 8% of internet users have a twitter handle. To support my instinct that twitter is still a relevant tool to reach the masses, I can site Techland’s September 2010 study, which concludes that twitter users average 18-24 years old, with an annual income either below $30,000 or between $50,000- nearly $75,000 and typically reside in cities. Cool. Boston-area businesses, let’s use twitter to market to them!

What I’m interested in sharing are some categories of tweets that yield strong returns. This post isn’t so much about tweets with ROI, but with return on no investment. Sure, we can get all meta about this and consider the device on which you tweet an investment, the person you’ve hired to tweet for you an investment, even the physical exertion of typing the words or copying a link cost energy. But we can all agree that twitter is a free service to use and the words you say don’t cost you cash to think up and push off into cyberspace.

So, for no cost to you, consider these options:

  • RT Contests. Duhh. “RT to win 2 tickets to tonight’s sold out show @RandomConcertVenue”. Your post gets pushed to every follower of the re-tweeter. If you’re giving away something cool or have interesting things to say, expect to pick up some followers from the effort.

Just for fun, a twitter search for “RT to win” around 9:15 on a Tuesday night yields this random sampling of fun giveways:

*New Jersey area: “Follow and RT @AnthonysCake for chance to win a Homemade Baileys Chocolate Irish Cream Cheesecake for St Pattys Day. Good Luck!!” [thanks, @won2x]

*New York:”Add @MidnightBox & RT for a chance to WIN a Portable GPS Navigation Unit! Once we reach 2,000 followers, we will randomly select a winner!” [via @sethandshannon1 ]

*for pet lovers: “Win $1k of pet supplies. For you and favorite shelter. RT to enter #contest to #win free prize. #dog” [from @Ardy22 ]


  • Link to current content. Got photos of a new product or something relevant to the community? Somerville-based Trina’s Starlite Lounge [@trinastarlite ] is awesome about posting their Dog of the Day and Blue Plate Specials. Down the street in Cambridge, Inman’s East Coast Grill [@EastCoastGrill] posted funny pictures of the staff shoveling during Snowmageddon 2010. Build a sense of community and approachability with your followers by sharing relevant content– often. On days when I don’t see at least one post from these spots on my feed, I wonder what’s up.

And, PS, we’re talking built-in metrics now; twitpics and youtube pages, for example, publicly count number of views.

  • Engage in Dialogue with customers. Follow the customers who follow you, and see what they’re up to. Check your @ mentions at least once daily, since some may be questions of conversation starters. When I asked frequent  updates Alice + Olivia a sizing question and didn’t hear back, I was pretty put off! (Granted, they have 14,000 followers, but still!) Conversely, I mentioned ordering yoga gear from be present, and their social maven was quick to tweet me back, asking what I’d ordered. Their speed to connect with me parallels speedy service and prompt email resolution to questions. Companies on top of their social on the most basic employee-to-customer level put customer service first, and there’s really no other appropriate way to do business.

Anything we missed? What other tweets score serious impressions, contribute to additional site/content views, or connect with customers?


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